Motorcycle Shipping Companies | Motorcycle Transport Quotes

Auto transporters provide a variety of services to the general public. Though they are commonly known as car shipping companies, these concerns also undertake to transport bikes, scooters and more. Motorcycle shipping is just another one of the services offered by Auto Transportation NOW.

About Motorcycle Shipping

A small scale company may not be able to handle your motorcycle transport since shipping a car is vastly different from shipping a bike. You must remember that a bike is not as static as a car since it does not have the required features. A car is blessed with four wheels and a handbrake that keeps it balanced. But a bike or scooter is not able to stand on its own due to the presence of only two tires.

Therefore, motorcycle shipping companies are required to provide additional protection to the bike during the transit. It needs to be harnessed and fastened properly otherwise it may slide off and get damaged. That would prove to be a major loss of finance and reputation for the company.

It is true that the bike is less voluminous than a car due to its small size but nevertheless it requires greater protection and all the chaining and harnessing take up that extra space. You can browse the net for comparing motorcycle shipping costs offered by different transport companies but you must make sure that you choose a renowned company. That would increase the reliability and safety factor in your motorcycle transport.

Motorcycle transport costs, of course, would vary from company to company and the mode of service you opt for. If your bike is elegant, glossy and brand new, then you may avail the expensive but high quality enclosed trailer or else you can choose the cheaper open one.

Overall, a good transporter shall provide your bike enhanced security & insurance and assure you of timely delivery.