Classic Car Transport | Classic Auto Shipping

As an owner of a classic car, you must be plagued when it comes to car shipping when buying or selling a new antique car. Though, as an alternative, you may drive it yourself. Still, there are many disadvantages of classic car transport services and it is best to hire the services of professionals.

Classic Car Transport Information

While the cheaper way is to avail of the open trailers, if your car is a vintage car or a luxuriant sports car, then you must go for enclosed auto transport. When moving your classic car it may increase your budget by as much as 100 percent but it provides full-proof safety and amazing protection. In classic auto transport, the car is hauled up into a truck or carrier (more like cargo in a container) and is protected from all 4 sides by the walls of the carrier.

This is unlike an open car transport that does not provide total covering since your car gets partially exposed in that case. And such exposure cannot prevent weathering or atmospheric wear and tear.

That’s why if the car you want to transport is a beautifully designed sports car or a classic or regal car, then you must not hesitate to get the enclosed shipping service for your classic car shipping job. It may make your pockets lighter but it will offer protection from harsh weather, extreme sunshine, rain, hail, sleet or snowfall. Besides, even the minute dirt particles and the atmospheric dust would be miles away from your car.

When moving your vintage vehicle, the car is not only provided 4-walled protection but extra harness and clothing are also provided. That keeps the car completely unharmed and static during transit. So, if you are fond of your car then don’t think twice before going for this kind of transport.